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I'm a Cuban American Latina actress who happens to look like Snow White, creator of ridiculous songs, and label maker enthusiast. I'm navigating motherhood and NYC living one day at a time. 


Born in Miami, FL to Cuban immigrants, I grew up in a colorful, bilingual home where my first real introduction to acting came with the over-the-top Spanish soap operas. (If you don't know what "maldita lisiada" is, please grab some popcorn and watch this gem of a CLIP.) Naturally, from there I became acquainted with another form of acting through arched eyebrows: opera. 


Opera and dreams of singing at the MET were pretty much my obsession for a long time, and I went on to study classical voice and piano at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, as well as at the University of Kentucky.


But life is funny, and after some growing pains and discoveries about myself during an intensely melodramatic quarter life crisis, I realized that my true passion was to tell stories and make people laugh. Maybe more than ever, the media has an incredible way of shaping society. I love that stories give us something to think about; they give us new perspectives that challenge the status quo, and teach us how to better empathize with our world and sometimes even give you a chuckle as you learn a thing or two. I'm especially passionate about real stories depicting strong, diverse women, that depart from tired stereotypes.  


When I'm not day dreaming of smashing the patriarchy, I'm making up silly songs for my delightful baby daughter Madeline. Follow our adventures on Instagram: @LaJessicaCarmencita and on Youtube: Madeline's Musical Mom


Thanks for stopping by! 

"... excellent as the vulnerable actress..."

-Dale King; Palm Beach Arts Paper

"...a sexy delight..."

-Jesse Leaf; Around Town Newspaper

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